• People's hearts go out to those in need of comfort but feel uncomfortable in this situation.
  • Friends are afraid they will cry or cause the griever to cry.
  • They don't know what to do or say- and sometimes they can say the wrong thing and can make the situation worse.
  • After the funeral, most people get on with their life and think the grief is done. This may be the time, however, when the hurting person needs you the most.

If you join the Grief and After Care Ministry, we have people in position to help you gain skill and confidence in your work for God. You will learn how to say the right things and do the right things. You will bring real comfort to the hurting and bring an eternal perspective to the needy heart. 

According to II Corinthians 1, God wants people in the church to do the comforting, especially those who have found comfort from God- which is most all of us.

Why are well-meaning people in the church timid about reaching out to those who have lost loved ones?